Finding Your Want To

Finding Your Want To

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Why Don't You Want To

Why Don't You Want To?

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Find Your Want To - Be Empowered to Find Your Path to Success


Life is like a magnificent garden that is filled with opportunities and possibilities, but sadly, many fail to reach their potential--because, as James M. Hutchins skillfully reveals, they have lost their "Want To."

So what is a Want To? How do you get one, and how do you lose it? Most importantly, how do you find your Want To again, so you can reach your potentinal and realize your dreams? Gleaning from difficult lessons learned in his life, Hutchins teaches you how to fine-tune your focus and "press through" a proven process to gain understanding in three thought-provoking areas:

  1. Understanding the Problem: Losing Your Want To
  2. Understanding the Process: Finding Your Want To
  3. Understanding Your True Purpose: Embracing Your Want To

Each section of this groundbreaking workbook for students includes overviews, character studies, group discussion questions, exercises and personal takeaways that will lead you through the intuitive three-step process.

As a student, you are perfectly positioned to walk through every door of opportunity that leads to your best, most prosperous future. Finding Your Want To will ensure your success as your re-discover, re-define, and release the dreams that are within you.

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